Naturopathy – Trusting the Strength of Nature (From the archives of Natural Therapies Research Centre)

Over the centuries, ancient secrets of healing and various beliefs in treatment were practiced by great minds from China, Europe, America and almost the rest of the world followed suit with their own brand of practice. This was how Natural Medicine started about 200 years back, yet its origin had been used 5000 years ago. However, as the greater technology have been introduced to us and processed foods were popularized through modern advertisements. That in turn contributed to the toxins spreading around us and caused many diseases including cancer, fibromyalgia and other chronic and neurological disorders.

Today, we are re-discovering the power of nature through Naturopathy. Nature is the source of healing that strengthens our body, mind and soul. Naturopathy focuses on healing the person entirely by locating the source of the illness. It promotes self-healing because we have an innate ability to cure ourselves, going back to a healthy state. Naturopathic physician and Naturopaths focuses on the following studies dealing with conventional diagnostics, medical sciences, as well as naturopathic learning that deals with botanical medicine, natural childbirth, therapeutic nutrition, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, Chinese medicine, pharmacology and many more.

Naturopathy is actually a study that’s both science and art. It is a science since it deals with the same pattern, empirical observations and diagnosis. However, it is more specific in treating patients because the goal is holistic healing not just to cure the symptoms. The main point is that there is no side-effects in natural medicine. Its main focus is to be able to counsel the patient, use natural means of cure and avoid supressing the symptoms necessary in the healing process. Naturopathic doctors are actually teachers helping their patients go through the healing process, pin-pointing the root causes of the disease and educating them of being responsible for their own health and wellness.

Ofcourse, lastly we know that prevention is still the key to be able to achieve true holistic wellness. Naturopathy assists in a natural healthy lifestyle that promotes on wellness through herbal ways and means, as well as remedies like homeopathy, detoxification processes and various essential diets.

With, we can definitely rely on the strength of living full and healthy lives with what nature has in store for us.

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