Corticosteroids 2


Even regular eye drops such as Alrex and Dexamethasone may cause some side effects when used. Be careful with Oral steroids like Deltasone or maybe known as Prednisone because there are also some side effects involving this type of medication. Note that oral steroids and eye drops are also corticosteroids that may provide relief but cause weight gain, osteoporosis, fluid retention and many other bad effects in our system. Keep in mind that there are alternative ways to keep your body healthy and free from allergies without any worries of side effects. Visit this link and learn more…



Corticosteroids is another conventional medicine that help treat nasal allergies and reduce any inflammations because of allergic reactions. There are inhaled and nasal corticosteroids. Inhaled corticosteroids are Beclovent, Flovent, Advair and others used to cure asthma while Nasal corticosteroids are Rhinocort, Nasonex, Beconase and many others to relieve nasal allergies. However, side effect such as high blood pressure, cataracts of eyes, muscle weakness and more that could not be avoided. When you experience these side effects, consult a naturopathic physician to learn an alternative way of healing allergies.



Conventional allergy medication often involve our daily lives. This includes antihistamines which actually prevents receptors of histamine substance in our bodies in blocking blood vessels that enlarges and causes us to have allergy symptoms such as redness, itchiness, swelling and many other allergic reactions to an allergen. Antihistamines even causes some side effects like drowsiness. Look for a more natural way to cure your allergies through our site:

Matrix Detoxification 2


Regeneration of healthy tissues involve the elimination of toxic substances in our body, these are fungi, heavy metal particles, viruses, molds and many more. With a 30-day program that helps in clarifying the biological terrain will lead to the restoration of our body’s natural function. Since we have different levels of exposure to chemicals and toxic elements around us then it would be best to have a custom designed program that would suit our needs. We undergo some homeopathic remedies, nutritious foods and some healthy herbs and botanicals. Learn more through this link.

Liver Detoxification 2


There are different toxins that affect the detoxification process in our body and these toxins in turn cause diseases such as immunity dysfunctions, fibromyalgia, cancer and Parkinson’s disease. This is why we need to assist the liver in the detoxification process and be able to transform harmful substances into soluble material in order to dispose them from our system.

Chelation Therapy 2


Cilantro is a chelator agent. It removes heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and many others. Chelating agents may be applied directly on the skin like a transdermal patch or intravenously which lasts about 2 to 3 hours and has a total of 20-30 treatments. Click this link for more info…

Matrix Detoxification


Matrix Detoxification is fighting off homotoxins in the body that would harm our ability to regenerate new cells which build tissues, etc. This treatment involves opening the channels which consists of lymphatic drainage and mild liver detox that would hydrate and flush out bad substances from our bodies. Read more details…

Liver Detoxification


Liver detoxification is a process of cleansing the liver which is the main detoxifying organ in our bodies. Enzymes are used in hydrolysis and oxidation to heighten solubility of toxins that are detrimental to the normal cleansing process of our system. Once Phase I is complete it is followed by Phase II which even converts the toxins to a state that makes it soluble in water, thus, assists in eliminating these substances. Get to know more here…

Chelation Therapy

chelation-therapy-1chelation-therapy-2Chelation therapy or heavy metal detoxification is a treatment that uses chelating agents: such as EDTA (or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), TTFD (or thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulphide), etc. to remove by detoxifying poisonous heavy metals in the body, like mercury, lead and arsenic. Make sure to consult an expert to know you are getting the best treatment for your allergies. Visit our site to learn more about Chelation therapy…


Anti-Hypoglycemic Diet


Anti-Hypoglycemic Diet for those with diabetes with a high amount of blood sugar in their system needs to have this diet. Hypoglycemia is all about a decrease in blood sugar level and you main source of energy. The symptoms involve shakiness, anxiety and palpitations, so the patients need to take drinks or foods with high sugar content. Visit us at